Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Snapshots + Mint & Yellow

Easter & Passover have come & gone, and I think I can finally get back to a healthy routine. Thank the Lawd! My body is soooo angry with me for the junk food, carbs and lack of exercise. Ain't nobody ready for all this jelly in a bikini...


Hope your holidays were wonderful. 
I thought I'd share some snapshots from my weekend.

Can I have every piece here, please?

Consignment store shopping- $89

This little fella came home with me

Thank you, Caitlin Wilson!! Such beauties. Now which fabrics to buy...?

See that little mint swatch in there?
Yeah, this one...

Well how do you feel about mint & yellow??? 
I'm trying ever so desperately to figure out what other patterns & colors to put in my dining room, and mint is on the top of my list.
Just as a reminder, here's my dining room now

And Lindsay over at Sadie & Stella has already done some of the work & research to convince you love bugs that mint & yellow are the ish.

Well...? What do you think??

Xo Lindsay

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