Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Some say Sexy Time. I say Shopping Time.

I'd like to share with you some of my recent purchases... :)

This Free People dress I love! It's so fun, and I cannot wait to wear it! 

I bought it from a store called Cusp. It's owned by Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman & Horchow. I went to one of the Cusp locations in Washington DC and thought it was such a cute boutique. It's been one of my go-to shopping sites ever since.

Over the weekend, Brad & I went to Nordstrom & J.Crew- two of my faves!! He bought a pair of black pants by BOSS Black (wonderful clothing line for men, FYI), a Nordstrom button up, a new tie, and Magnanni 'Federico' Oxfords. I was a good girl and didn't even go upstairs to my department. The whole point of the shopping trip was to get Brad this new outfit. However, the shopping expedition would not have been complete without a J.Crew stop.

I fell IN LOVE with this 'Bubble Necklace'. But with the $150 price tag, I just couldn't take the plunge. 

So instead, I decided on these...
I've been wanting a pair of Soludos, and I'm a sucker for navy & white stripes. These will go with just about anything!

I've been wanting white, skinny, cropped jeans since last summer. I just bought these Paige jeans literally 20 minutes ago, and I'm praying they'll fit. 

Along with that, I bought some super-comfy looking pants by Splendid. These will be so perfect for a beach day or casual day out. And did I mention, on SALE for just $48!!??

And lastly, this cuff from Banana Republic... Which was actually a gift from a good friend of mine. 

Okay, so those are my May purchases. I splurged a little this month because I haven't bought anything for myself in quite a while. I'll definitely be more tame in the coming months... Especially since most of my shopping money will be going toward furniture for our future house! EEEK! Can't wait!

Xo Lindsay

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accessorize Your Home

Hello All! I'm realizing that I really need to start blogging more. Every time I write a new blog, I can't type it fast enough because I'm so excited to be doing it! Haha. So yes, you will be seeing more blogs more often from me. :) 


Have I mentioned the love of my life before?? I think maybe briefly... His name is Brad. He's perfect! Brad and I are house hunting in Wilmington, NC right now. He accepted a promotion (he's a chemical engineer at a paper mill), and we've been looking at homes now for about a month. It seems every house I'm in love with goes under contract the second we see it. Boo! But we're still hopeful...

Brad & I live in a super cute 1 bedroom townhouse right now that I love (he doesn't). It's one block from the beach and one block from my family. However, I agree with Brad that it's a little too small for the two of us and our 2 children. 

These are our 2 children, Ella (left) and Brady (right)

In the south, having a nicely decorated home if very important. I realize, it's important in most other regions as well, but I feel southerners take more pride in making a house a home with our personal touches in our home decor. 

While in the process of searching for homes, I'm looking for something that has character & charm and a house that will feel like a home. I'm realizing that we are upsizing by A LOT of square feet, and we will need to buy a ton of furniture and little things for our new house. Here are some accessories in our townhouse now that I know will be making the move with us (many things will go- I want to rethink a new scheme in Wilmington).

This tray I'm obsessed with... I found it at Pier One. It's very shabby chic.

Bubble bath & tray from Pier 1, candles from a store called Random, vintage brush & comb from my grandmother, towels from Anthropologie

This lamp is adorable and only $20!! I have it in my master bathroom now. It makes for a great little night light.

Lamp from Pier 1

You can tell I'm the decorator. Here is a glimpse into a very girly bedroom.

Curtains from Horchow, lamp from Home Goods, clock from Pottery Barn, picture frame is MacKenzie Childs, mannequin from Pier 1

I was in Anthropologie one day and spotted these measuring spoons. I will NEVER use them because they're too beautiful, but they will forever be apart of my decor.

Here is a better picture of the spoons...

A coffee table must always have chic coffee table books. The books on my table are Valentino, Tiffany in Fashion, Sex & the City, Dior, & Chanel

My favorite curtains ever!! They're so chic, yet so simple. I will forever use these somewhere in my home. For now, they live in my living room.

Curtains from Horchow

Lastly, this lamp is amazing. It has a grey mesh layer around the lamp shade. The base is a light grey crackled look that gives it a rustic edge, which goes perfectly with the girly shade.

Lamp from Home Goods

Interior design is something I love. And if I could do anything I wanted to do (besides be a country singer, fashion buyer, fashion magazine editor, wedding planner,...), I would be an interior designer. 

Until next time...

Xo Lindsay

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with Essie nail polish. 
It's so affordable, and the colors are so gorge!! 

Here are some nail colors and designs that I'm loving this season...

This color makes me excited for the summer. All I can imagine are coral and turquoise outfits on an island somewhere. (Yes, I do a lot of fantasizing)

So chic. 

Polka dot inspiration- UGH, LOVE!!

Pastels galore! What more could one want in a Spring color??

And here's my recent mani... One glittered nail. So simple, yet something new and different.

The colors I used are 'Eternal Optimist' & 'A Cut Above'

Xo Lindsay

Friday, May 11, 2012

Maxi Love!

Casual Friday out & about.

Today was my allotted day to run errands. Typical housewife things: grocery store, bank, post office, and every other dreadful, non-glam location you could possibly think of. 
I did, however, make sure to find time to fit in a little online shopping, which you will soon see is my WEAKNESS!
I'll share with you my new purchases as soon as they arrive. :)

Growing up, I was taught to never leave the house without looking your best... You never know who you may run into that you know or what important person you may meet. (As though there are so many important people in my South Carolina town.)

I'm wearing- H&M dress, Love Quotes scarf, Old Gringo boots (not pictured), Michael Kors "Men's Oversized Watch", Chanel aviators, Vanessa Mooney ring

Maxi dresses are my go-to for every season!
Perfect for any daytime festivities or a night out...

For a night out, I'd remove the scarf, add a blazer or brown leather jacket, switch out the boots for a wedge, and add a chunky necklace or bold earring.


Xo Lindsay