Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh, Deer!

Hello, Dears!
I'm finally in the beginning stages of building my wall collage in the living room, and I have my sights set on deer heads & antlers. I had one of two options, 1- buy a faux deer head or antlers online, or 2- make Brad's mom give me her mounted antlers FO FREE! Fo free it is!

Does anyone else love a little taxidermy or pair o' antlers on a wall as much as I do?

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

If you originally answered 'no' to my previous question, 
I hope these pictures changed your mind. And if your mind is not changed, then you need to get with the program.

Here's the start to my wall collage
I know, I know, kinda pathetic looking right now with just some antlers & a sketch of a Scottie done by yours truly.
Furbish is sending me a new addition any day (more on that later), and I'll be out & about town this week for more pretties to fill the space.

Stay tuned...
Xo Lindsay

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