Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tried & True Tuesday

I've never seen this bag in this color in person, but it's every bit of what I imagined and more. 
Meet my new Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in mint... say that 3X fast.

{Cosmetic Product}
I recently made a trip to Ulta for some goodies when I remembered I was out of bronzer. (Is it just me, or does all of your make up run out at once, too, causing you to drop a couple Benjamins in a day? So frustrating!) Anyway, I decided to try something new. The sweet salesgirl recommended this Lorac bronzer. It's awesome! It gives me the perfect summer glow. Try it! You will not be disappointed.

Some good 'ol fashioned North Carolina BBQ. Now, as some of you may know, I'm from South Carolina. And if you know anything about the Carolinas and their barbecue, then you know the 2 states have a big rivalry over whose is better. SC barbecue is mustard based & NC barbecue is vinegar based. And while I'm partial to the mustard based, Brad is the opposite. Every once in a while, I aim to please my man, so I decided to give this recipe a whirl. It was a BIG hit. Even I loved it. Serve it up with a little pasta salad, and mmm mmm mmm- a great dinner for the warming weather!

{Genius Ideas}
This way of hanging a picture came in handy recently. The only step you don't see here is leveling the piece of tape. Super easy! Some people are just so logical...

Do any of you peeps have some tried & true products you'd like to share?? 

Xo Lindsay


  1. Beautiful bag! I'm obsessed with that color right now.

    FEST (food, style, travel)

  2. I definitely run into the same problem too. I ran out of foundation and primer at the same time constantly. Such a pain.