Monday, April 8, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Seriously, Monday? You're back already? Mother of ...!!

Hope all y'all (plural for y'all down here in da south) had as good 'a weekend as I did.
The weather was perfection, we enjoyed the company of some great friends, we saw some family, we ate lots of good food and drank wayyy too many alcoholic beverages, and we had the perfect Sunday Funday: yard work. 

Oh, and I'm still enjoying my fab hair! Went a tad darker (or less bleached, more like), chopped off a good 5 inches, and got bangs! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Friday night, we had another couple over for dinner. To prepare, I moved my bar cart in the dining room (DUH, exactly where it should be...) and pulled this mirror from the bedroom. I just can't get up the nerve to hang it... I can't put holes in my pretty wallpaper. :( Tell me it looks good just sitting on the cart?!

Sunday Funday consisted of a trip to Lowe's, planting vegetables in my garden, and filling in my window boxes. Say it IS so!... Spring is FINALLY here!!!!

The rest of my Sunday night was spent watching the CMAs & pulling this window box inspiration from Pinterest.

I hope these pretty pictures help to pull you out of your Monday blues!
Xo Lindsay


  1. LOVE the bangs. Wish I could get the guts to do it. I am the same way about the wallpaper in our dining room. I cannot bear the thought of putting holes in it.

  2. Love your hair and your bar cart looks FAB! The wallpaper is insane and the mirror looks just fine leaning, no holes needed.