Monday, April 22, 2013

Hap'nin's 'Round The House

Top of the mornin' to ya, Lovies.

I didn't do anything exciting this weekend, so I have no cool pictures to share of my seemingly perfect life (BAHA, yeah right). Instead, I'll share with you some of my new finds & purchases.

Found this peacock chair at our local consignment shop for practically nothing, but it didn't come home with me...

This elephant table was at the same store- Am I crazy for loving it?? I see him parked on my porch. Just look at those eyes... he's adorbs! He's not mine, though... Yet.

These twin headboards were also at the consignment store. Finally, something that came home with me. These lil fellas are in the process of getting a makeover. Stay tuned for that...

Currently waiting on this tortoise shell ice bucket to arrive from Nordy's. I needed a little sum'in sum'in extra for my bar cart, and I think this'll add some pizzazz. 

This nudie print arrived Friday from Furbish. LOVE LOVE! It'll live on my gallery wall as soon as I find the perfect frame. 

In other news, Brad pulled a scale out of the garage this weekend, and I hopped on for shits & giggles. Well, I shit my pants & did not giggle... I cried. It was devastating. 'Operation: No More Eating' is now in full effect.

Off to spin class!
Xo Lindsay

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