Monday, April 15, 2013

Scenes From My Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend. The weather was perfect. The festivities were a ton of fun. And now it's over... And now it's Monday.... 

If you're not familiar with Wilmington, NC, then you may not know about the Azalea Festival that took place this weekend. Friday kicks off the event with the Garden Party, followed by a bunch of drinking at the waterway bars & boats, followed by a concert (which I did not attend). 

Here's me & my lova on her boat havin' a grand ol' time

On Saturday & Sunday, the garden tours took place at people's homes throughout the historical downtown area (my hood, to be exact). These gorgeous homes are just a couple streets over from mine.

Check out the ivy on this place!! I've always been in love with it. And yes, there's a little Belle over there in the corner of this picture... you're not just seeing things.

Sunday was a great day for a little baseball. I took #9 home with me after the game. ;)

Sunday night, we watched a movie, ate pizza, iced Brad's ankle, and Ella made herself a pillow pile. This dog loves pillows more than anyone.

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!!

Xo Lindsay

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! I am so jealous of the nice weather! :) Please send some sun towards Minneapolis!