Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby Shower Recap

I'm going to skip the part about where I've been the past couple of weeks and go right into a recap of the baby shower I threw over the weekend for my sister-in-law. This was the first shower I've ever thrown, and lawdy, it takes work! The planning was fun, the decorating was fun, the cooking & assembling of the food was a pain in the arse. The shower went so well, but I sure am glad it's over... 

A little piece of advice- have your shower catered or buy some premade food. From 7am Saturday morning til 1pm when the shower started, my mom, grandma and me were working at 100mph get the food ready. 

Anywho, I did manage to snap some pictures to share with you peeps. Hope you like! 

Xo Lindsay

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Current Obsession: La Cornue Range

Top of the mornin to ya! It's early, but I can deal because it's almost Friday. Let's talk about something I'd like to get my greedy hands all over... the La Cornue Grand Palais range. To say I'm 'obsessed' is an understatement. These are not just stoves... These are pretty much the most beautiful appliance known to mankind. I'm almost positive the heavens from above shine a halo & sing every time one is installed. And for almost $50,000 a pop, it shouldn't be any other way.

All images via

I'll know I've 'made it' in the world when one of these are mine... Which will probably never happen. Damnit.

Xo Lindsay

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Morning, Friends! How was your Labor Day weekend?? Mine was spent in the Dirty Myrtle (Myrtle Beach) with Brad & another couple. Every once in a while, it's fun to go to the dirty to have a crazy weekend. Unfortunately, it was very clear to us 4 that we're not 21 anymore... Come day 2, we could barely hang... Friday night, we were up til the weeee hours of the morning. Saturday night ended very early. Us old folk were tired. Nonetheless, it was a good time!

Call me crazy, but I'm soooo excited Labor Day has come & gone because it means Fall is right around the corner!! College football, pumpkins, boots, chunky sweaters, fires.... Bring it on!!!

Xo Lindsay