Monday, April 29, 2013

Scenes From Paparazzi Lindsay's Weekend

Hello, Blog Friends. As you might can tell from the title, I put my pap skills to good use again over the weekend. 

But first...

I just love waking up to these little cuddle bugs every morning

Friday night, Bradley & I went to dinner at Manna, a local fav, with another couple. We ended up at a hole in the wall, where we all decided the night needed to end...

Saturday consisted of mattress shopping for the twin guest room, finishing my faux bamboo headboards, yard work, chinese food, and movies.

Sunday, Brad played baseball, and I went to World Market where I spotted....
MELISSA MCCARTHY! Yes, you know her! The ever hilarious gal from Bridesmaids...

As for my paparazzi shot of her, this is as good as I got without looking like a total creep

I googled 'Melissa McCarthy Wilmington' once I left and saw that she's here filming. I love this town!

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekends. See you peeps tomorrow!
Xo Lindsay

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hanna Seabrook's Charleston Home

The Glitter Guide posted Hanna Seabrook's fab Charleston, SC home 2 days ago, and I'm sure it's making its way onto everyone's blog right about now. But girlfriend has got it going on- beautiful girl, beautiful home, successful blog... Totally jealous!

I just had to get me a piece of these amazing photos.
And here are a few of my faves...

I'm kind of in love with this grown-up decor. Go on, tell me you don't love it... Just try. Yeah, that's what I thought. :)

Happy almost TGIF!
Xo Lindsay

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Current Obsession: Neon Hues

I need to get my neon fix, and I need to get it now. I'm feening. Hard. I need some neon shoes. I need a neon bag. One or all of these items will do just the trick.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Are you obsessing over neon this girl?

Xo Lindsay

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cozy Guest Retreat

Ever since I saw this room on Pinterest, I wanted to jump into the picture & cuddle up in a warm fuzzy blanky on the bed.

And it just so happens, this is kind of what I'm trying to create in one of my guest rooms.

There is no art on the walls, no mirrors hung, curtains that Brad despises, beside tables that are too small, and it's lacking decor... Thus, the tiny sneak peak into the room. Bamboo blinds are going up this week, and I'm thinking a little DIY project is in order to create similar valences to the House Beautiful picture. I'm also totally digging the black and white wallpaper. I might just have to hunt down something similar... Keep your eyes peeled for me, will ya?! 

My goal this weekend is to scour the town in search for bedside tables, art & nicknacks. I'd love to have at least one finished room in the house... That is, until I get bored & start the decorating process all over.

Xo Lindsay

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hap'nin's 'Round The House

Top of the mornin' to ya, Lovies.

I didn't do anything exciting this weekend, so I have no cool pictures to share of my seemingly perfect life (BAHA, yeah right). Instead, I'll share with you some of my new finds & purchases.

Found this peacock chair at our local consignment shop for practically nothing, but it didn't come home with me...

This elephant table was at the same store- Am I crazy for loving it?? I see him parked on my porch. Just look at those eyes... he's adorbs! He's not mine, though... Yet.

These twin headboards were also at the consignment store. Finally, something that came home with me. These lil fellas are in the process of getting a makeover. Stay tuned for that...

Currently waiting on this tortoise shell ice bucket to arrive from Nordy's. I needed a little sum'in sum'in extra for my bar cart, and I think this'll add some pizzazz. 

This nudie print arrived Friday from Furbish. LOVE LOVE! It'll live on my gallery wall as soon as I find the perfect frame. 

In other news, Brad pulled a scale out of the garage this weekend, and I hopped on for shits & giggles. Well, I shit my pants & did not giggle... I cried. It was devastating. 'Operation: No More Eating' is now in full effect.

Off to spin class!
Xo Lindsay

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh, Deer!

Hello, Dears!
I'm finally in the beginning stages of building my wall collage in the living room, and I have my sights set on deer heads & antlers. I had one of two options, 1- buy a faux deer head or antlers online, or 2- make Brad's mom give me her mounted antlers FO FREE! Fo free it is!

Does anyone else love a little taxidermy or pair o' antlers on a wall as much as I do?

All photos courtesy of Pinterest

If you originally answered 'no' to my previous question, 
I hope these pictures changed your mind. And if your mind is not changed, then you need to get with the program.

Here's the start to my wall collage
I know, I know, kinda pathetic looking right now with just some antlers & a sketch of a Scottie done by yours truly.
Furbish is sending me a new addition any day (more on that later), and I'll be out & about town this week for more pretties to fill the space.

Stay tuned...
Xo Lindsay

Monday, April 15, 2013

Scenes From My Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend. The weather was perfect. The festivities were a ton of fun. And now it's over... And now it's Monday.... 

If you're not familiar with Wilmington, NC, then you may not know about the Azalea Festival that took place this weekend. Friday kicks off the event with the Garden Party, followed by a bunch of drinking at the waterway bars & boats, followed by a concert (which I did not attend). 

Here's me & my lova on her boat havin' a grand ol' time

On Saturday & Sunday, the garden tours took place at people's homes throughout the historical downtown area (my hood, to be exact). These gorgeous homes are just a couple streets over from mine.

Check out the ivy on this place!! I've always been in love with it. And yes, there's a little Belle over there in the corner of this picture... you're not just seeing things.

Sunday was a great day for a little baseball. I took #9 home with me after the game. ;)

Sunday night, we watched a movie, ate pizza, iced Brad's ankle, and Ella made herself a pillow pile. This dog loves pillows more than anyone.

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!!

Xo Lindsay

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tried & True Tuesday

I've never seen this bag in this color in person, but it's every bit of what I imagined and more. 
Meet my new Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC in mint... say that 3X fast.

{Cosmetic Product}
I recently made a trip to Ulta for some goodies when I remembered I was out of bronzer. (Is it just me, or does all of your make up run out at once, too, causing you to drop a couple Benjamins in a day? So frustrating!) Anyway, I decided to try something new. The sweet salesgirl recommended this Lorac bronzer. It's awesome! It gives me the perfect summer glow. Try it! You will not be disappointed.

Some good 'ol fashioned North Carolina BBQ. Now, as some of you may know, I'm from South Carolina. And if you know anything about the Carolinas and their barbecue, then you know the 2 states have a big rivalry over whose is better. SC barbecue is mustard based & NC barbecue is vinegar based. And while I'm partial to the mustard based, Brad is the opposite. Every once in a while, I aim to please my man, so I decided to give this recipe a whirl. It was a BIG hit. Even I loved it. Serve it up with a little pasta salad, and mmm mmm mmm- a great dinner for the warming weather!

{Genius Ideas}
This way of hanging a picture came in handy recently. The only step you don't see here is leveling the piece of tape. Super easy! Some people are just so logical...

Do any of you peeps have some tried & true products you'd like to share?? 

Xo Lindsay

Monday, April 8, 2013

Scenes From The Weekend

Seriously, Monday? You're back already? Mother of ...!!

Hope all y'all (plural for y'all down here in da south) had as good 'a weekend as I did.
The weather was perfection, we enjoyed the company of some great friends, we saw some family, we ate lots of good food and drank wayyy too many alcoholic beverages, and we had the perfect Sunday Funday: yard work. 

Oh, and I'm still enjoying my fab hair! Went a tad darker (or less bleached, more like), chopped off a good 5 inches, and got bangs! Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Friday night, we had another couple over for dinner. To prepare, I moved my bar cart in the dining room (DUH, exactly where it should be...) and pulled this mirror from the bedroom. I just can't get up the nerve to hang it... I can't put holes in my pretty wallpaper. :( Tell me it looks good just sitting on the cart?!

Sunday Funday consisted of a trip to Lowe's, planting vegetables in my garden, and filling in my window boxes. Say it IS so!... Spring is FINALLY here!!!!

The rest of my Sunday night was spent watching the CMAs & pulling this window box inspiration from Pinterest.

I hope these pretty pictures help to pull you out of your Monday blues!
Xo Lindsay

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Fabulous Job

If you have time, swing on over to the Monkee's of Wilmington blog to see a few behind the scenes photos of our Focus On The Coast cover shoot.

I had the privilege of styling the shoot, and I'm so happy with the results.
The cover story was all about Monkee's & Vintage Chanel... and well, does it really get any better than that??

Here's a sneak peek
Ahhh, yes. She looks FAB!

Go check it out! Now. Click here. Thanks.
Xo Lindsay

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tried & True Tuesday

I thought I'd try something new here- Tried & True Tuesdays... errrrr Wednesdays?? 
No, Tuesdays. But this week, a day late.

So here we go

This DVF dress. Tried it on. Bought it. Haven't worn it because Mother Nature's a bia bia, but in love. So easy & flowy- the perfect combo.

This parmesan & spinach orzo recipe was the

{Home Decor}
Ahhh, my beloved blue trellis lamp. LOVE!

And my Dash & Albert rug is perfection. 
It's indoor / outdoor, which equals easy cleaning, which equals making my life better

{Cosmetic Product}
Megan from Style Me Swanky introduced her readers to Sigma makeup brushes a while back. Thank you, Dearest Megan. These are the best brushes I've ever had. Ever. E-VER.

I don't know about y'all, but I sure do love me some product reviews, and you ladies are constantly introducing me to new products, recipes, clothing, so I thought I'd do the same.
Hope you liked it. 

Xo Lindsay

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Snapshots + Mint & Yellow

Easter & Passover have come & gone, and I think I can finally get back to a healthy routine. Thank the Lawd! My body is soooo angry with me for the junk food, carbs and lack of exercise. Ain't nobody ready for all this jelly in a bikini...


Hope your holidays were wonderful. 
I thought I'd share some snapshots from my weekend.

Can I have every piece here, please?

Consignment store shopping- $89

This little fella came home with me

Thank you, Caitlin Wilson!! Such beauties. Now which fabrics to buy...?

See that little mint swatch in there?
Yeah, this one...

Well how do you feel about mint & yellow??? 
I'm trying ever so desperately to figure out what other patterns & colors to put in my dining room, and mint is on the top of my list.
Just as a reminder, here's my dining room now

And Lindsay over at Sadie & Stella has already done some of the work & research to convince you love bugs that mint & yellow are the ish.

Well...? What do you think??

Xo Lindsay