Monday, April 29, 2013

Scenes From Paparazzi Lindsay's Weekend

Hello, Blog Friends. As you might can tell from the title, I put my pap skills to good use again over the weekend. 

But first...

I just love waking up to these little cuddle bugs every morning

Friday night, Bradley & I went to dinner at Manna, a local fav, with another couple. We ended up at a hole in the wall, where we all decided the night needed to end...

Saturday consisted of mattress shopping for the twin guest room, finishing my faux bamboo headboards, yard work, chinese food, and movies.

Sunday, Brad played baseball, and I went to World Market where I spotted....
MELISSA MCCARTHY! Yes, you know her! The ever hilarious gal from Bridesmaids...

As for my paparazzi shot of her, this is as good as I got without looking like a total creep

I googled 'Melissa McCarthy Wilmington' once I left and saw that she's here filming. I love this town!

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekends. See you peeps tomorrow!
Xo Lindsay

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