Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Cozy Guest Retreat

Ever since I saw this room on Pinterest, I wanted to jump into the picture & cuddle up in a warm fuzzy blanky on the bed.

And it just so happens, this is kind of what I'm trying to create in one of my guest rooms.

There is no art on the walls, no mirrors hung, curtains that Brad despises, beside tables that are too small, and it's lacking decor... Thus, the tiny sneak peak into the room. Bamboo blinds are going up this week, and I'm thinking a little DIY project is in order to create similar valences to the House Beautiful picture. I'm also totally digging the black and white wallpaper. I might just have to hunt down something similar... Keep your eyes peeled for me, will ya?! 

My goal this weekend is to scour the town in search for bedside tables, art & nicknacks. I'd love to have at least one finished room in the house... That is, until I get bored & start the decorating process all over.

Xo Lindsay

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