Monday, September 8, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

It's Monday again... blah... And what makes it even more blah is that I dropped Brad off at the airport yesterday at 5am. He's gone until Friday night. What's a girl to do with herself? I don't have to cook, I don't have to pack lunches, there won't be all sorts of laundry that needs to get done... I guess a lot of DIY will be on the agenda this week. 
Anyway, I pretty much did the usual over the weekend. A little shopping here, a little football watching there (the Gamecocks won!), a little home decorating, a little laying around. Basically, the same ol', but it's my favorite kind of same ol'. 

I went to my favorite local place this weekend and snatched this cute lamp for my guest room. I was hoping buying this lamp would get me in the mood to finally work on this bland room, and it has! I'm finishing curtains now, and I'm planning on getting some paint samples today!

Since Brad was gone all day yesterday, I had plenty of time to peruse Instagram. I came across this beyond fabulous picture of these gorgeous bloggers at Fashion Week. I instantly became obsessed with Julia's look (to the far right). 
I'm now thinking I need a pair of those pants! 

What do you think? Too trendy?? Or shall I hop on that bandwagon?

XO Lindsay


  1. I say hop on the bandwagon - love with the perfect blouse and heels! What a great find with the lamp and can't wait to see your guest room!!

  2. I love Julia's pants too...but I feel like I could NOT pull them off! Especially not 6.5 months preggers! haha