Monday, September 22, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Confession: I just woke up, thus the late blog post. I'm not lazy, I'm just sick. I woke myself up from my loud snoring. Lovely, huh?

Anyways, I had a wonderful, productive weekend. We celebrated my bestie's birthday. It's become a tradition that the 4 of us do dinner for each of our birthdays. I love traditions, and I hope this one lasts forever!

They had the most amazing peach cobbler on their 
dessert menu that I could not pass up!

Most weekends that I'm in town, at least one night looks like some version of this. This past weekend, I was feeling homemade chicken pad thai, red box, & anything with the word "pumpkin" in it. If you haven't seen Draft Day, watch it. It's so good. Brad & I kept saying, "what a great movie" throughout the entire thing!

I've got the Christmas itch. 

I love how cuddly Ella is. I wish Brady were the same way, but he's the complete opposite.

When Brad & I bought this house, the built-ins were mirrored. We hated the mirrors. We'd be sitting on the sofa, basically staring at ourselves when we were watching tv. So I bought this God awful sticky wallpaper to put in there, and after about a month, I was over that too. Two years later, it was still there. Yesterday, I kept thinking, "black living room walls?" Instantly, I knew that wallpaper would have to come down if I took the bold step to paint the living room black. So I went to work.

I now have 7 years of bad luck. Or is it 14 because I broke 2 mirrors? (P.S. Whatever you're imagining the mess from this to be, it was 10 times worse. I have cuts all over my entire body.)

Ahhh... No mirror!

After one coat of white paint. 


I'm happy with the white. Brad was impressed as well. Mind you, I did this alone because Bradley got called into work. 

I bought this Sundry shirt this weekend, and I haven't taken it off. There was only a size 3 available (medium), so I bought it. But I could've used the 2 instead. It's so comfy!

There are currently a bunch of guys in my backyard cutting down some of my forest. I'm so excited about this. I'm ready for a backyard makeover!! I'll share that another day. :)

XO Lindsay


  1. The new shelves look awesome! I’m impressed you did that all by yourself. You go girl!