Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Five

Can I get a, "TGIF"?? I'm so excited for today. I get to pick up Brad from the airport tonight at 9pm. He's been gone for 6 days. I'm not cut out for this living alone BS. Sure, I've enjoyed not cooking for a week, and watching girly movies, and not having to clean up after him, but let's face it- life is so much better when he's here with me!

Anyway, this Friday Five is all about five bedrooms that are inspiring my guest room makeover. (Full disclosure: no progress has been made since we last talked. Whoops!)

1. Sconces + wallpaper + upholstered headboard

2. Green velvet headboard

3. Greens with pops of blue + pattern on pattern

4. Greens + sconces + beiges + gold framed artwork

5. I've also been digging on lavender...

The one common factor I'm going for here is cozy. What do you hope for in a guest room?

XO Lindsay

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