Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Guest Bedroom: Before

Confession: ZERO of my three bedrooms have gotten any love from me. I've concentrated mostly on the common areas over the past 2 years, buying something here and there for the bedrooms. I think it's about time I pull this guest room together so I can actually have some guests.

My before pictures are quite embarrassing, so please be kind. 

Doesn't everyone mismatch their curtain panels?? 
The ones to the right are the curtains I've been making, and the awful gold ones to the left are the ones I purchased from Horchow years and years ago. 

Oh, and that bed?? Yes, that's Brad's ex girlfriend's bed. We used to have her dresser as well, but I sold that on Craigslist a while back. Needless to say, that bed will be for sale very soon. :)

What I'm most excited to get rid of, however, are the beige walls. This paint color was chosen for us prior to moving in. I think it's my least favorite wall color ever!

Below is a fabric scheme I'm contemplating. For the longest time, I thought about black walls, then I thought lavender, then olive green, and now I'm just confused. If you asked me to pick out a wall color for someone else, I'd do it in about 2 minutes. When it comes to decisions for my own house, I'm so damn indecisive. I am driving myself crazy! 

I hope you're all following me on Instagram because I'm going to be needing your paint color recommendations very very soon. 

XO Lindsay

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