Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Insta Faves

Often times, when I see an Instagram picture that's inspiring to me or just plain pretty, I snap shot it so I can go back to it later. Instagram is my favorite place to go to get my creative juices flowing. A lot of peeps prefer Pinterest, but I just think Pinterest is filled with too much ugly. And frankly, the Instagram people I follow are pretty awesome and have so much talent oozing from them, that I'd choose Insta any day over Pinterest for inspiration!

Here are a few snap shots I've taken lately of some pretty fabulous pictures!

This backyard dinner party. Dreamy!

Future boutique? Beyond gorgeous. I picture beautiful linens living in here one day.

I grew up with this guy. He painted this woman. Pretty sure it's me. 
I just love a nude painting...

This outdoor space is so cozy to me. I need to recreate this somehow.

Seriously. Vintage portraits. Green velvet sofa. Louis trunk. Antelope rug. Perfect. Even better with the stuffed animals!

I love this paint color! Anyone have a guess as to what it is??

I've been telling myself I'm growing my hair back out, but her new cut has me rethinking that idea...

Hope you enjoyed my first post of "Insta Faves". If not, sorry. There will be more of them. :)

XO Lindsay

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  1. I follow all these accounts as well - Jillian Harris is my favorite - love her photos!