Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY: Refinishing Headboards

If you'll remember, I bought a pair of twin headboards a few weeks back from a local consignment shop. I immediately knew these little fellas would need a facelift because that ivory paint just wasn't doing it for me. 

No matter which way I decided to take these guys (repaint or stain), first things first: Stripping!
Another blogger (don't remember who... shame on me!!) swore by Citristrip. And well, now I swear by it. Stuff is magic. MAGIC! Although, one piece of advice- buy the spray can. You'll also need a paintbrush (if you buy the jug), a scraper & some patience. Oh, & maybe a cocktail or 2 while you're waiting.

Now, be generous. Very generous. I soaked these headboards in this Pepto Bismal-ish goodness, and it still wasn't enough. So I smothered on more. And more. Then I waited. And waited. The directions say to wait 30 minutes... I waited about and hour and a half until it looked like this

Then, you scrape. 

 This is post scraping, where I decided that I like the wood. And thank God. Painting is not my forte!

 Since I decided to stain, I needed to condition the wood first. Don't skip this step. Imagine shampooing, blow drying & styling your hair without conditioner. EEEK!!!
Miniwax pre-stain wood conditioner, some gloves & a cloth are what you need for this step. Then, wipe it all ova.

Post conditioning

Finally, I chose 'Special Walnut' for my stain color. Still, all you need is the stain, gloves & 2 rags (one to stain & one to wipe away what the wood didn't soak in).

Once the conditioner dried (I waited about 20 minutes), I stained. I stuck my rag in the can, wiped it all over in the direction of the wood, waited about 5-10 minutes, then wiped off excess stain.

And viola!

I just love 'em. They look like a faux tortoise stain in person. Pretty awesome. Here they sit in our other unfinished guest room.
And that's my attempt at something crafty. Waddoyathink?

Xo Lindsay


  1. Love, love, love! Where did you get them? Wilmington has so many great places for inexpensive furniture - I always have to at least pop into Home Again every time I visit my parents there! Would love to know about other great places to shop there!

    1. They're from the Ivy Cottage on Market Street. I stop there once every couple weeks and always manage to find something. Great selection!

    2. Thanks Lindsay - I've never been there - will have to check it out next time I'm in Wilmington!

  2. you are insanely patient! i love them! so impressed.

  3. Beautiful! I've never tried to strip anything but this is great motivation :)

  4. Wow: be nice to your hand carvings. Hey, I think you can improve.

  5. Funny thing is, I still do not understand it's wood or bamboo