Monday, May 20, 2013


Last night, I spent a much needed night parked in front of the tv. I feel like I've been going 100mph since Thursday morning. It started with our radio segment bright and early Thursday morning, to work, to celebrating birthdays Thursday night, to work Friday morning, to a neighborhood get-together Friday afternoon, to dinner & out with friends Friday night, to a million errands Saturday, to the Hope Gala Saturday night, followed by a neighbor's party late Saturday night. Are you still with me? Did you get exhausted just reading it?? 
The bright side to going out 3 nights in a row- good times & cute pictures!

I was pretty impressed with these giant orchids

 If I have anything to do with it, I'll be spending lots of summer days by this pool

 Great night for a boat ride

Gorgeous tables at the JDRF Hope Gala

My babe cleans up quite nicely

Beautiful ladies at the Masquerade Gala

All in all, a fabulous last few days!! But Brad & I are looking forward to a chill week...
Happy Monday, Friends!
Xo Lindsay

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