Thursday, May 9, 2013

Society Social Shoot

So Tuesday was pretty much fabulousness mixed with complete chaos. Bright & early, the Social Society team showed up to take over my house for their magalog. I left when they got there to tend to some work biz, when I drove right up to a crowd of people holding American flags & film crews everywhere. Apparently, a new show called "Coming Home Again" was filming an Army Sergeant arriving back home after being away for a while. The show was surprising him with a backyard makeover. It was the sweetest sight watching him reunite with his family.

After forcing my way into the crowd so that I could be on national tv, I went back home to find my dining furniture in the living room and my bar cart looking oh so major!

And Ella was pretty much the star of the show

I sat back & watched as Roxy & her team worked their magic

The day was a total success. I met 4 wonderful people, watched some serious talent at work for 7 hours, and fell head over heels in love with a rug that is now mine! 

Roxy is seriously the sweetest, cutest, most generous person EVER! And it doesn't hurt that she has talent oozing out of every inch of her... I want every. single. piece. that she designs. 

So basically I had the best day ever. 
Just another day in the life... (I wish).

Xo, Happy Girl


  1. That's quite an amazing day! Looking forward to seeing your now famous bar cart :-)

  2. You are so sweeeet!!! Thank you for letting us come wreck your home haha!!