Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I'm up at 7:00am. This never happens. Typically I write my posts a day in advance and schedule it for around this time because I'm incapable of life before 9am. But today, I have a special friend coming at 8:30, and not being prepared is just not acceptable. Some of you may know my special friend, Roxy... Or maybe you're more familiar with her blog and her biz, Society Social

I'm so thrilled she's here!! Roxy & her team are coming over to shoot my bar cart for her magalog that she does, so I'm in a hurry this morning. And when I'm in a hurry, all you get are a bunch of random pictures on my iPhone. Don't judge- it's better than nothing.

I finally found that bubble gum pink polish I've been seeing everywhere. It's Essie Muchi, Muchi. 

There is actual furniture in my 3rd bedroom, and I'm ecstatic. Yes, it looks sad & incomplete, but hey, it took from August til now for there to be anything in this room other than a bunch of clothes on the floor.

Fresh blooms make all the difference. Trader Joe's has the best!

 I'm loving my new tortoise ice bucket from Nordy's. It's quite small, but I don't really care because it's everything in it's small little package.

And that's all, Folks. Enjoy your Tuesday!
Xo Lindsay

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  1. So exciting about your day with Roxy! Hope y'all have so much fun. You and your bar cart deserve it!