Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful for November

I'm so behind I haven't even begun my November thankful posts. Every year, I like to state/ write/ post what I'm most thankful for every day of November. Today is catch up day...

I'm thankful for my beautiful new house in Wilmington, NC.

I'm thankful for my loving man, Bradley for providing us with our new home.

I'm thankful to the Beauty Gods for creating make up. For without it, I'd never go out in public.

I'm thankful to have the two cutest babies in the whole world, Ella & Brady.

I'm thankful for the Christmas commercials that are now back on tv. I'm filled with joy every time one comes on. 

I'm thankful for cardio machines during the freezing cold weather. (Yes, 48 degrees is freezing for us southerners.)

I'm thankful for my washing machine and dryer!!! I'm doing laundry GALORE today. If I had to wash all of Brad's clothes by hand, I don't think we'd still be together today. ;)

I promise to keep up with my thankful posts so I don't bore y'all anymore with 'catch-up' days.

Xo Lindsay

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