Monday, June 4, 2012

Virginia Is For Lovers

Happy Monday! (If there's such a thing...)

~Brad & I spent the weekend in his home state of Virginia. He's from the country. And when I say country, I truly mean COUNTRY! This place brings out my inner hillbilly bone. Just to give you an idea- he has a tractor that sits in the yard, I mowed a lawn with a riding lawn mower for the first time, I shot skeet in his back yard with his mom's rifle, we went for a run on the dirt road next to his house, and when we went out to dinner, it took 45 minutes to get there. 

We drove to Norfolk to eat dinner at a little restaurant called No Frill Grill. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with Norfolk. Some of the most beautiful historic homes I've ever seen lined the downtown streets. And on one of the main streets were tons of adorable restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, etc. 

I never knew such a place was anywhere near to Brad's country bumpkin town of Carrsville. Because I never knew, I learned to stop packing my cute clothes that never got worn. Rather, I started packing jeans, tanks, t shirts, jean shorts, and all other clothes that can get dirty. Here's my proof:

This is Brad & myself at No Frill Grill. You can't see just how awful my outfit is. I'm wearing a plain white tank from J Crew, a RED bra underneath, Joe's Jeans, & thank God I never go anywhere without heels & jewelry... those were my saving Grace. Note to self: Never go on any trip without at least one outfit that I wouldn't mind being caught in public wearing.


It was all worth it at the end of the night because this yummy goodness filled my empty belly.

Heart attack on a plate. AKA- Loaded Pierogies.

Crab Cakes w/ corn salsa, remoulade, cornbread, sautéed string beans, potato cheddar gratin

Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée 

The dinner was delish! Needless to say, it put me in a food coma... 

~We bought this sweet handlebar mustache coffee cup over the weekend because Brad has a sick obsession with mustaches & I have a very healthy obsession with coffee cups.

~If you're anything like me, you NEED something to eat every couple of hours... And if you don't eat, you become cranky, unpleasant, short-tempered, & frankly, just a miserable human being.

This is something I have to say quite often...

Before the 5 hour car ride home & the hunger set in, we stopped at Quiznos (yum) for lunch where we discovered the best chips ever!

I can never eat any other kind of chips again. These were amazing & so much better for you than your typical fried (even baked) white potato chip. Now the question is, what grocery store carries these?? I'll be keeping my eyes peeled...

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 
Xo Lindsay

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