Thursday, June 7, 2012

Feels Like Christmas Morning

Your door bell rings... 
You open the door... 
And you see this...

Ahhhh, feels like Christmas morning every time!

My purchases from Cusp arrived. Oh Happy Day!
If you'll recall, I bought white Paige jeans and coral Splendid pants... 
The jeans = perfection!! The pants = not so much. 
I'm no stick figure. I have boobs, a butt and legs. The Splendid pants are definitely for someone with few curves. Needless to say, they'll be going back. Oh well.

And guess what else showed up on my door step??

Yep. Brad surprised me for no reason at all. He bought me this Mara Hoffman romper from Shopbop.
It's adorable! 

Now, you may be thinking, "My man doesn't know how to pick out clothes for me." Welp, mine doesn't either. That's why is brilliant. If you don't already know, they have something on their website called 'my hearts.' You click the tiny heart in the corner of whatever item it is that you love, and voila! You have an entire wish list that your man can pick from at any time. Don't forget to give him your username and password, of course!

This is the second time Brad's used this handy dandy wish list of mine to buy me something.

Here's his first purchase...

I wear this Michael Kors watch with just about everything. I love a big man's watch! 

Maybe one day I'll be able to upgrade to a Rolex :)

Xo Lindsay

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