Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Faves

Ever since I first laid eyes on this jumpsuit, I've been obsessing over it! I first spotted it on Kristin Wig. Doesn't she look GORGE?!

And I've been seeing it at every major retailer online...

I think it's a sign. It should be mine! 
Can I borrow $2980 from anyone??

I'm torn. I can't decide which way to go when decorating for our new home that we don't own yet. Do I want to do a Pottery Barn-esque style mixed with a little vintage and restored wood?? Or do I want to go more glam & chic? Ugh. Decisions!

When perusing around some online furniture stores, I found this desk.

It's the 'Josephine Desk' from World Market and only costs $199.99!
I would pair it with an upholstered chair, switch out the plant for a vase w/ pink peonies, along with adding a few more girly touches...
This would lean more toward glam / chic.

I guess I'll wait & decide when we actually settle on a house.

I'm someone who will cook dinner 5 nights a week, go out to eat 1 night, order take out 1 night. And when I cook, I don't cook out of a box or throw a frozen meal in the oven... I cook homemade best I can. However, this frozen pizza is so yummy, I just can't help myself sometimes.

On a night that I crave this pizza, I let Brad do all the work and thank him for cooking that night. If he 'cooks' it, it makes me feel less like a bad wifey. :)

To me, there's no better hair style than a bun. It's so classic and can be worn with any outfit.
Check out this braided bun I found on Pinterest.

Do you not just LOVE this?? I'm going to attempt it today.
Wish me luck...

Brad & I just bought the cutest new iPhone cases from J.Crew.
Brad's is this plain brown leather. I love caramel colored leather anything!

And I chose this one... perfect for the beach & boating.
Anchors away!

Xo Lindsay

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