Monday, October 20, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! 
I woke up to Fall! 45 degrees? Yes, please! 

Anyways, I had a great weekend... 
Friday night, Brad and I went to a wine tasting with our biffs, followed by a lovely dinner at another wine bar, followed by our favorite dive bar for a little darts. I stayed out way past my bedtime, suffered a little bit Saturday, laid around long enough to watch my football game and complete my new favorite DIY project, then did it all over again Saturday night. My awesome neighborhood hosts Oktoberfest at a neighbors' every year. Six of our friends came with, and we made it yet another all night thing. Needless to say, Sunday was definitely a day of rest.

Here's my DIY- Ginger Jar Ornaments! They're already on back order on my Etsy shop, and that makes me VERY happy!! If you want to make your Christmas tree fabulous this year, order here!

Friday night, I fell off my low carb band wagon. Whoops! 

I've mentioned my neighborhood is the ish, right?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I have the most beautiful niece ever!

XO Lindsay


  1. looks like a fun weekend! and your fall off the no carb bandwagon looks delish!

  2. Just ordered a set of 6 ginger jar ornaments from your shop. Love them!

    1. Thanks, Amanda!! You're the best!! I'm pretty sure you'll love them even more in person. :) I'll be working on your order next, so they'll be shipped out Monday. Have a great weekend!