Monday, October 13, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

The weekend started out pretty wild... Paper football at my grandparent's house!

Saturday, we originally planned to get up early & drive to Savannah before the wedding, but we took it easy instead. 

The wedding was clearly in the low country of South Carolina. It's so beautiful in this area!

We left the wedding a little early to drive the 2 hours to Columbia to be with my family. They were hanging out at their friend's bar in The Vista. 

The State Fair just so happened to be going on, so, of course, we spent all day Sunday there before we headed back to Wilmington. My first step, a corn dog!!

Then, a root beer float

Then, a bloomin onion

Then the most AMAZING Oreo that was fried in red velvet batter

Needless to say, my diet starts today!

XO Lindsay

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