Monday, October 27, 2014

Pinterest Dump

Good morning, Everyone!
There's no usual "scenes from the weekend" post today because we did NOTHING over the weekend... And I loved every bit of it. Seriously. Every invite we got to do something, we turned down. So instead, I'm dumping some of my favorite Pinterest things from the moment onto you. 

This tablescape is everything! With some tweaks here and there, this could easily become my Thanksgiving or Christmas table. 

I love hamburger helper, but I don't make boxed anything! I like to control what ingredients go into my meals, so I often make this copy cat. Tastes like the real thing. So good!

This beef stew looks delish. I plan on making it tomorrow night. 

I'm loving this look. It would even be cute with tights and booties. Anyone know where I can find this dress?? The link led to a dead end.

What I'm really crushing on this fall are camel colors. I'd rock both these looks. 

I'm a firm believer in this. I used to be quite the talker in my younger years. As I got older, I met so many people that talked more than me and never listened to a thing I had to say. It has become such a pet peeve of mine when someone can't just be quiet and listen that I try my damnedest to talk a lot less these days... 

XO Lindsay

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