Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sew Crazy

I've recently taken up a new hobby: sewing. I'm seriously so in love with it. I try to sew every night I'm home. It's become my favorite past time. I'm an 80-year-old stuck in a 28-year-old body, and I ain't even mad at it. 

Before a couple months ago, I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine. Thanks to my Granny, I'm now a pro still learning a lot. I started with pillows, I've made some curtains, I've hemmed quite a few things, and altered some of my clothing. I plan on reupholstering my living room ottoman & making a bed skirt in the near future.

For now, my sofa is loving my new hobby because she's getting newly accessorized!
I bought this hmong fabric from Etsy for pretty cheap, plus the navy linen backing from a fabric store, a few zippers, some thread, and voila- 3 new pillows for less than $25 each. 

Up next, maybe this ticking stripe fabric to add more of a southern traditional element?? 

P.S. I promise to start using a better camera to take these pictures. 

XO Lindsay

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