Thursday, August 21, 2014

Obsessing Over...

Obsessing over these booties from Anthropologie. They're the perfect Fall bootie, in my opinion. And even better? They're on sale!

I'm all about comfortable / cute shoes on the weekend. I'm contemplating, very seriously, these Joie sneakers for the Fall / Winter.

I also like them in this color

I've been eyeing the Sister Parish pottery from Furbish. I love the blue & white (duh) and the Burmese pattern. I know I would never get sick of looking at it.

Gap Fit work out clothing is really doing it for me. I bought a few tanks & sports bras recently, and I can't get enough. Don't get me wrong, Lululemon is still the ish, but for a fraction of the price, I'll keep buying Gap Fit... And I'm thinking I need this tank. In every color. 

Xo, Lindsay


  1. Glad you are back blogging!! I have been wanting that Gap top too! oh and the camera question I just use my iphone:)

  2. Those "shooties" are so cute - new to your blog :)