Monday, August 18, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Morning friends. I hope you're all still with me after all this time... If not, maybe you'll find your way back soon. :)

This weekend was quite enjoyable for no good reason. It was relaxing. Friday night, Brad & I went to the movies for the 2nd time in over a year. We saw Let's Be Cops. It was pretty good... If you're looking for a non-serious movie and want to laugh, you'll enjoy this one too. 

I cannot get enough of my new Joie sandals! Seriously, I wear them 5 days a week.

The black band is all leather and the spotted one is calf hair. I'm obsessed. They go with absolutely everything. I'm so ready for fall, and these give me the feeling of fall with the colors and calf hair while still keeping my feeties from getting too hot!

I fixed my favorite snack yesterday- blueberries, Concord grapes & fresh Parmesan cheese chunks. So easy. So yummy. Just add a glass of vino, and I could live off this for the rest of my life.

My Sunday afternoon was spent at Brad's last baseball game of the season. I'm a snacker, so my favorite snack went with me. My genius friend saves her Talenti gelato containers & stores berries and snacks in there, so now I'm doing the same. Thanks, Genius Friend!

Hey Pitcher, Pitcher!

I ordered this Baby Foot mask yesterday. I've heard amazing things, and seriously, my feet are absolutely disgusting. It's bad. Confession: I have not had a pedicure in almost 2 years. There's no excuse other than I just don't like sitting somewhere for an hour when there are other things to be done. Baby Foot is supposed to peel off all of the dead skin. Stay tuned for the review...

Xo, Lindsay

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