Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Backing Your Built-ins

Remember my built-ins with the mirrors as back drops?
No? Good! The mirrors were awful. I've finally decided that rather than taking the mirrors down and risk tearing up the wall behind them, I would use Tempaper. It's temporary wallpaper with some decent designs. It's perfect for those who are renting, or for someone like me who wants to cover up mirrors & regular wallpaper just won't do the trick.

I chose the Marrakesh design in the 'Honey Jade' color. 

This is how far I got before I needed to take a break...

Let me tell you, putting sticky wallpaper up is NOT easy! I finally figured out that you need to slowly pull away the backing, about an inch at a time, and smooth that part from the inside out. What's even worse is, as you can see, the roll didn't cover the entire mirror. So i had to try to cut and match up that little strip with the rest of the wallpaper. Putting this stuff up was so aggravating and tedious! The final product is nowhere near perfect, but it'll do. 

As you can see, I have some of my Halloween pumpkins and skulls out. :) I most definitely need to hit up a used book store to fill in these shelves. I also need a few more trinkets & some art work. Once I get the shelves decorated, I'll post a new picture.

I just love built-ins that are backed with wallpaper. It makes the biggest difference in an otherwise blah design!

And incase you forgot, it's HALLOWEEN!
Brad & I are looking forward to passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters tonight! 
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Xo Lindsay

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