Monday, December 8, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Good morning!
I had quite the busy weekend...

I threw a baby shower brunch for a friend expecting a little boy

I went to dinner with Brad & a bunch of friends

I did some vintage shopping and scored Shiny Brite & Christopher Radko ornaments
(I now deem myself a collector of the two)

Brad & I finally got our Christmas tree, and I stuffed as many lights in there that I possibly could. I also added some colored lights this year, and I'm lovin it! Here's a tip for everyone when lighting up your tree: Start wrapping the lights from the trunk and work your way out. You can even stuff a handful of lights at the trunk rather than wrapping. A well lit tree probably takes 3X the amount of lights you're thinking it takes.

Remnants of a baby shower with a little touch of Christmas

XO Lindsay

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