Monday, December 15, 2014

Scenes From The Weekend

Christmas is just 10 days away. 
This is so crazy to me!!! I so badly wish I could slow down the holiday season and take in every second. It's my favorite time of the year, and it's just passing me by. I'd love to just take off 2 weeks around Christmas like we got in school growing up. 

Anyway, I attended my 1 and only Christmas party this past Friday night. Weird that it's my one and only considering most years I attend a few... (Maybe nobody was quite ready for the holiday season this year??) This Christmas party was a little different than most. A friend of mine hosted a wine tasting. A Sommelier came, brought 9 bottles of wine that we all decided on, and we sipped and ate. She actually taught us all a lot. I drink red wine on the regular, but there was so much I didn't know.

1. Never use a stemless wine glass. 
When you hold the wine glass by anything other than the stem, you alter the temperature of the wine. Bad thing.
2. Red wine should be placed in a dark room, never in the kitchen.
3. When serving red wine, place it in the refrigerator 20 minutes prior to serving 
(unless you're fancy and have a wine cellar at the appropriate temperature.)
4. Red wine needs to be swirled A LOT! 

Did you know all of this??

My contribution to the party was this cheeseboard. I must say, it was pretty fabulous. I bought the cheeses, meats, fruits, jams, etc. that paired perfectly with each of the wines.

Every time I'm out and about, I check out the wrapping paper situation. If I see something I love, I buy it. This is my collection so far this year, and I decided on the middle 3 papers for this years' prezzies.

ANNDD my most favorite thing this time of year... Christmas trees lit, Christmas movie on the tube and red red wine, Babyyy!

Have a fabulous Monday. I'll be doing more Christmas shopping!

XO Lindsay

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