Monday, June 17, 2013

Home Goods Find

Hi, Friends!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I boozed it up two nights in a row (unheard of at my old age), and have sworn off alcohol the rest of the week. I woke up today still feeling dehydrated. I seriously just cannot hang like I used to. It's sad...

Yesterday, I managed to muster up enough energy to swing by the usual... Target, World Market, Home Goods... And I'm sure glad I did!

I know you're all familiar with this guy
Yes, you've seen it everywhere! Furbish had them for $65 (inserts not included), Society Social has them for $75 (inserts included), Etsy has them for $40 (inserts not included), and low & behold, Homegoods had them for a mere $25 (INSERTS INCLUDED). You heard right. TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! Helloooo, the same dern piller! You best believe these babies came home with me!

Go hit up your local Homegoods very quickly if you want to get your paws on some leafy greens. I'm sure they won't be there long! 

Happy Monday!
Xo Lindsay

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