Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Hiatus

So, I accidentally, and then purposely, took a little hiatus from my blog. And I kind of enjoyed it. Sorry. While i've only been at this blog for a little over a year, sometimes it can feel more like work instead of fun... And that, I do not want. I've had a lot going on lately. My hiatus started because I was too busy to sit down to write a post. After a few days of being "too busy", I'd realized I hadn't opened the laptop at home in days, and I loved it. So I made the decision to take the week off.

I'm back, and my battery is recharged. 

If you follow me on Instagram, the rest of this post may bore you because I'm about to overload you with my Instagram pics from the past week. A LOT of Instagram pics. Brace yourself for the longest post of your life.

If you'll remember, Brad & I went to Virginia last weekend to be with his mother. It was the one year anniversary of his dad's death, and there was no place else we would rather be than his childhood home. Right before his dad passed, he bought this 60 something Thunderbird for one last hoorah. Brad decided to take it for a joy ride in honor of his father. He was in classic car heaven. 

We hung out that Saturday night with Brad's good friends at their cabin where Brad spent, what I'm sure were, many drunken nights in high school. We kept the details of their high school parties out of our conversations for my own good. The cabin was in the middle of nowhere. So beautiful and so peaceful...

Last week, I attended a hospital function at the same gorgeous house I've been frequenting... And I ain't complainin'. 

Saturday evening, Brad & I took the babies on stroll around the hood

This front door has always been a favorite of mine. The color is so happy!

The home's garden is unbelievable. This is just a snippet of her gorgeous plants.

After our walk, Brad's inner lumberjack came out in full force. He cut down limbs galore as I dictated which ones needed to go.

Sunday, Brad had a baseball game, and being the good girlfriend I am, I went to cheer him on. This idiot forgot her sunblock. The sweet boyfriend put our aloe plant to use for the first time.

I've been craving smores for months now, so last night we started a bonfire fire in our chiminea & stuffed our faces.

Okay, got all that out of the way. I had a lot of catching up to do. Next time I decide I need a break, I'll let you all know in advance so you don't worry about me. :) 

Happy Monday!!
Xo Lindsay

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