Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dining Room Update: Part Une

Holy Mother of... Wallpaper installation is in process as we speak I type & you read. The anticipation was killing me. In the mean time, I've been on the hunt for a rug, art or mirrors, window treatments, something to fill the built-ins, a great tablescape of some sort, and well, I made no progress except for the filling the built-ins... 

I paid a visit to my sweet grandparents in South Carolina last weekend because I'm a terrible granddaughter and haven't been there in a couple months almost. My Granny {and don't picture a 90-yr-old, white haired, glasses-wearin', hunched over, little 'ol lady. My Granny is a young 67, tall, blonde bombshell} asked me if I would like to have her late mom's china from years and years ago. Without seeing it, my answer was, "Ummm, YES!" I love anything old & anything with sentimental value. 

Here's what was packed away in the attic in a dusty old bin, wrapped with newspaper from 1980

Old lady? Yes. But it's now my old lady china. We'll call her Marge. 
Here's Marge in the built-ins

I love Marge on display. When the wallpaper is up & the room is done, she'll be the perfect touch of old. 

Now for my dining room 'before the wallpaper' pictures

{Ignore the living room (kinda like I have)... It's nowhere near where I want it to be}
I'll reveal the papered dining room mañana. 

On another note, I had two babies turn five over the weekend! 
My baby, Ella had a birthday on Friday, and my big boy, Brady had his birthday Sunday... 
What would a birthday be without 2 pupcakes?

They're growing up so fast. *tear*

Alright, that's all for today, Folks!

Xo Lindsay

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