Wednesday, March 13, 2013

27 & Fabulous

Happy belated birthday to me! 

I had a fantastic weekend with my honey & my family.
Brad took me to Charleston where we ate & shopped. I figured there would be some uh-mazing vintage & consignment home stores... And well, uh-mazing is not the word. EXPENSIVE is the word. If anyone needs a pair of vintage brass federal mirrors for $60,000 (yes, you read that right- sixty thousand dollars), hit me up. I'll tell you where to find 'em. This place was so stuffy that I was afraid to snap any pictures. "You break 'em, you buy 'em" was not an option for us.

I did manage to leave there with a few iPhone photos

My sweet babe bought me 2 pairs of shoes for my birthday... He sure does know how to make me a happy girl!

Bring on my 28th year (yes, I'm only 27... just think about it).
Happy Hump Day, Friends!

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