Thursday, August 2, 2012

Operation Slimdown

I'm sorry ahead of time- this post will be very boring inspiring.

I need to set in stone the fact that I'm trying to change my lifestyle. I have seriously gained 10 pounds this year... I say it's because I'm happy. However, I need to be happy and healthy, not happy and fat. 

This past Monday was the start of my new healthy lifestyle. 

And this is my new motto. I promised myself to work out at least 5 days per week. No matter how extensive the work out, I WILL do something. Monday, I did not work out at all, but I ate well. Tuesday & Wednesday I went for a run. Today, right after this post, I will go for another run, then do arms or legs when I get home. I plan on becoming someone who runs a lot! Runners are able to eat whatever they want and not gain weight. *Jealous* I also plan on doing more yoga.

As for my diet, no fast food! No sodas! VERY FEW carbs (this is what might be the death of me). Small dinners. Less sugar. Fewer processed foods.

My goal before my best friend's wedding, which is September 22, is to lose the 10 pounds I've gained this year. So doable! That gives me 7 more weeks. {I think I can. I think I can.}

I chose this sexy woman to inspire me. My body is similar to this. (Oh, don't worry... I'm not being conceited! My body is this + 15 pounds of fat and some cellulite!) It's similar in that I have a big butt and about those size boobs, and my stomach tends to stay flat through weight gain.

Poor Brad is the one that might be suffering during the first couple of weeks. I tend to get cranky when I'm hungry. Not only that, but he's stuck eating the healthy dinners I'll be making.

 Sorry for the dull post today.

Wish me luck! :)
Xo Lindsay

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