Monday, August 20, 2012

Decorating Dilemmas

We FINALLY have a REAL closing date for our adorable new house! Drumroll, please.....

THIS Thursday, August 23, 2012. YAY!!!

This move has been built up for months now and is very much anticipated. I am so stinkin' excited to move to Wilmington, NC and start this new chapter in my life with Brad.

The packing, unpacking and lifting of boxes I'm not at all looking forward to. However, the decorating and organizing of all of our things, I cannot wait for! And the best part, all new furniture. 

So far, we've picked out a new sofa, a dining room table, a bed, and a desk.

Sofa // Dining Table // Bed // Desk

We still have a ton of stuff to buy: Dining chairs, bedroom storage {dresser, side tables, etc}, accent tables for the living room, a bar cart, furniture for the 2 guest bedrooms, rugs... All kinds of things! And all I'm hearing in my head when I type this is money going up and up and up at a cash register. It's kind of frightening. 

I'm someone who prefers instant gratification. I want to move on Friday and have everything in perfect order by the end of the day Saturday. Too bad it's not at all possible because neither of our bank accounts are bottomless pits. 

Any budget-friendly furniture buying & decorating tips are greatly appreciated... {Oh, and donations to buy all of these things are welcome, too} :)

Happy Monday!
Xo, Lindsay

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