Thursday, May 24, 2012

Accessorize Your Home

Hello All! I'm realizing that I really need to start blogging more. Every time I write a new blog, I can't type it fast enough because I'm so excited to be doing it! Haha. So yes, you will be seeing more blogs more often from me. :) 


Have I mentioned the love of my life before?? I think maybe briefly... His name is Brad. He's perfect! Brad and I are house hunting in Wilmington, NC right now. He accepted a promotion (he's a chemical engineer at a paper mill), and we've been looking at homes now for about a month. It seems every house I'm in love with goes under contract the second we see it. Boo! But we're still hopeful...

Brad & I live in a super cute 1 bedroom townhouse right now that I love (he doesn't). It's one block from the beach and one block from my family. However, I agree with Brad that it's a little too small for the two of us and our 2 children. 

These are our 2 children, Ella (left) and Brady (right)

In the south, having a nicely decorated home if very important. I realize, it's important in most other regions as well, but I feel southerners take more pride in making a house a home with our personal touches in our home decor. 

While in the process of searching for homes, I'm looking for something that has character & charm and a house that will feel like a home. I'm realizing that we are upsizing by A LOT of square feet, and we will need to buy a ton of furniture and little things for our new house. Here are some accessories in our townhouse now that I know will be making the move with us (many things will go- I want to rethink a new scheme in Wilmington).

This tray I'm obsessed with... I found it at Pier One. It's very shabby chic.

Bubble bath & tray from Pier 1, candles from a store called Random, vintage brush & comb from my grandmother, towels from Anthropologie

This lamp is adorable and only $20!! I have it in my master bathroom now. It makes for a great little night light.

Lamp from Pier 1

You can tell I'm the decorator. Here is a glimpse into a very girly bedroom.

Curtains from Horchow, lamp from Home Goods, clock from Pottery Barn, picture frame is MacKenzie Childs, mannequin from Pier 1

I was in Anthropologie one day and spotted these measuring spoons. I will NEVER use them because they're too beautiful, but they will forever be apart of my decor.

Here is a better picture of the spoons...

A coffee table must always have chic coffee table books. The books on my table are Valentino, Tiffany in Fashion, Sex & the City, Dior, & Chanel

My favorite curtains ever!! They're so chic, yet so simple. I will forever use these somewhere in my home. For now, they live in my living room.

Curtains from Horchow

Lastly, this lamp is amazing. It has a grey mesh layer around the lamp shade. The base is a light grey crackled look that gives it a rustic edge, which goes perfectly with the girly shade.

Lamp from Home Goods

Interior design is something I love. And if I could do anything I wanted to do (besides be a country singer, fashion buyer, fashion magazine editor, wedding planner,...), I would be an interior designer. 

Until next time...

Xo Lindsay

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