Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Shower Planning

I'm a shower throwing virgin. Most of my closest girlfriends have sisters, so I've never been the girl to throw any of the bridal / wedding / baby showers. Well, after 7 years of marriage to my brother, my sister-in-law is FINALLY pregnant! My first niece is due November 22, and I'm thrilled. I'm currently planning the shower using some inspiration from Pinterest. THANK GOD FOR PINTEREST. Seriously. It's given me so many ideas...

We're having the shower at my grandparent's house. We'll be serving "pretty" food (as I like to call it) and a cake similar to the one above (except in pink, not purple). I love the idea of lanterns & paper balls for decor... I want to completely make over my grandma's living space so it screams baby. And I'm thinking 1 maybe 2 FUN, not cliche, games... 

Any tips / suggestions? Games? Food? Decor? What to do / what not to do?
HELP! I want it to be the best shower ever!

Xo Lindsay


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  2. Pleased to know about this baby shower planning. I am planning my daughter’s birthday at one of stunning Seattle venues next month. Thinking to go for purple Barbie doll theme. Hope she enjoys this day with her friends.