Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Instagram Happenings

I've been a bad little blogger recently. I've been devoting my blogging hours to the Monkees blog and neglecting Xo Lindsay. No mas! So be sure to head over there to keep up with my Monkees and fashion posts if you're missing me.

Any who, I thought I'd share with you a few of my most recent Instagram hap'nin's, beginning with my babies hanging out on the front porch on a 75 & sunny day. Be jealy.

 In the rare evenings that I get to take a time-out and enjoy a hot bubble bath, I also get to play 'boner' (as Brad & I call it... so inappropriate, I know) with Brady because he'll whine and carry on if I don't. But seriously, how could I resist that sweet face??

Over the weekend, Bradley and I went out with a few of our favorite couples to enjoy some Louisiana soul food at a downtown restaurant. Followed by a magic show. Followed by a gay bar. Followed by a little billiards (i'm so fancy that it's billiards, not pool). Followed by "get my arse home and to bed!"

Dining Room Update:
Wallpaper installation is Friday morning @ 8:30. FINALLY!

Xo Lindsay

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