Monday, February 23, 2015

Etsy Pillow Party

Everyone knows Etsy is great source for amazing pillows, but weaning out the good from the hundreds of bad options is quite tedious. I've done some of the tedious work for you and found lots of great shops, including these 2 below.

I bought this fab Colefax & Fowler pillow to go on my sofa, and I LOVE it! The quality is top notch, too!

These are 3 of my favorites from the Etsy shop, CocosNest

BeckwithTextiles is another good source. 
The carousel pillow is begging to go in a little babes' nursery!

What are your favorite pillow sources?

XO Lindsay


  1. Love the carousel pillow for my daughter's room!

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  3. You really need to check out Tonic Living - so many amazing pillows to choose from. Almost too many!! :)

  4. I think your block post and link is very helpful to me. I was getting bore to find this attractive pillow but I got it easily from your post.