Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last Week

Howdy, Y'all! (That's my new Texas accent.)

Last week, I flew out to Texas to see my babe and to house hunt. It was a very successful trip. Sunday was a BIG day- we accepted an offer on our house here in Wilmington after just 10 days on the market, and after looking at 8 houses that day in Texas, we settled on one. We put in an offer on a house just a couple hours later, and the buyer accepted!

Here she is! Our new home sweet home!

While I was away, one of my favorite bloggers (and one of the sweetest out there) gave a tour of my Wilmington home on her blog. Thank you so much, Emily!!

I flew back in to South Carolina to pick up my pups from my grandparents house on Wednesday. My granny and I went fabric shopping Thursday, and I came across this fabric. It's even more beautiful in person! I'm thinking it would be perfect for my new formal dining room. Thoughts?

Dinner for one means I can cook anything I want. Feast your eyes on this buffalo cauliflower. It was DELISH! I used the recipe from SkinnyTaste.

Saturday night, I got together with my bestie and a few of our friends. This is a typical picture of us. 

Our group of men (minus mine) LOVE to cook. We often have cook-off parties. The theme this time was Mexican night. I was in heaven. 

Now, it's back to business… Shopping. There are not many options for shopping in Texarkana, so I've been on the hunt for lots of new goodies. Our new house is over twice the size of this house, which means I need A LOT of new stuff. :) 

Xo Lindsay

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Historical Concepts Architecture

Saturday morning, I was going through the new blogs on my feed when I came across Emily's "The Saturday 6". I clicked on one of her links, and it took me to some of the best eye candy I've seen in a long time. Bravo, Historical Concepts- You got me hooked. 

I pinned about 10 of their pictures, but could've pinned them all. 
Here are a few of my faves…

Go check out this firm! You'll "ooh" and "ahh" over everything!

xo Lindsay

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tape Trim & Fringe

I told Brad that since he's moving me to Texas, our new house has to come with 3 things: 
a pool, a king bed, and most importantly, a new sofa! 

My traditional, old soul side needs fringe in my life. A lot of it. I've also been fancying some tape trim. I stumbled across these sofas, and they started speaking to me in a major way!

If my budget can't afford a fringe sofa, I'd settle for a chair with fringe

Or even an ottoman

What do you think? Are you a fringe lover like I am?

Xo Lindsay

Monday, July 13, 2015

On The Market

Fancy meeting you here.

Talk about a major fail when it comes to my blogging game… Seriously, though, I REALLY AM going to start blogging on the regular from here on out. Really. Probably. Going to try.


Bradley, Brady, Ella, & myself are moving. To Texas. Middle of nowhere Texas. Texarkana, to be exact. I love change. I love to switch things up and take on new adventures. I just wish it were a new adventure in a better city. This will definitely be a big change going from the coastal town of Wilmington, NC to bumf*ck, Texas, but we are going to try to make the best of it. Brad's job is taking us there, and it was just too good an offer to pass up. 

So currently, Brad is working in Texas, and I'm still in Wilmington. I am staying put until we either sell our house here or buy a house there. We are working on both.

Speaking of selling our house in Wilmington- it's on the market. Buy it!

Side note: Staging is a bitch. 
I spent 2 days decluttering my house because, as many of you know, more is definitely more in my book!

XO Lindsay

Monday, February 23, 2015

Etsy Pillow Party

Everyone knows Etsy is great source for amazing pillows, but weaning out the good from the hundreds of bad options is quite tedious. I've done some of the tedious work for you and found lots of great shops, including these 2 below.

I bought this fab Colefax & Fowler pillow to go on my sofa, and I LOVE it! The quality is top notch, too!

These are 3 of my favorites from the Etsy shop, CocosNest

BeckwithTextiles is another good source. 
The carousel pillow is begging to go in a little babes' nursery!

What are your favorite pillow sources?

XO Lindsay